We’re moving!

It’s been seven awesome years here on Pure Textuality but we’re out of here.  

But don’t worry, we’re not going far.

Pure Textuality PR has become so busy that we simply don’t have the time to keep up both blogs. Rather than try, we decided to just pick up and move over to the Pure Textuality PR Blog. We’re going to take the next few weeks to pull in some new reviewers and will place an announcement on the new blog as soon as we start taking review requests again.

TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW BLOG, visit the Pure Textuality PR website and scroll to the very bottom of the home page.  The subscription box for the blog is in the center of the footer menu.

We want to thank you all for reading along all these years and we genuinely hope to see you subscribe to the new blog!


Jena and the Rest of the Pure Textuality Crew


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