REVIEW by Damien: Love & the Zombie Apocalypse (Book 1, Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy) by Chelsea Bellingeri (@DarkeRealmEnt)

Seventeen-year-old Rachel Cole was ecstatic when her little sister Morgan left for science camp at the University of Michigan – anything that would get Morgan out of their horrible foster home for a few weeks. Little did Rachel know that life as she knew it was about to change forever.

A suspected biological terror attack has spread over the northern half of the country causing the dead to reanimate and attack the living. The sudden attacks have catapulted Middle America into an all-out war zone. Zombies have swarmed the City of Flint and Rachel must battle through the infected streets to rescue Morgan.

Along the way, Rachel meets Cage Vance – the local star quarterback dealing with his own personal demons. Rachel is immediately attracted to Cage, but who has time for love during the zombie apocalypse? Can Rachel and Cage’s small group of friends survive the journey to Ann Arbor and rescue Morgan? Or are they already too late?

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This is a race to the finish against all hope and time for Rachel to find her little sister after her hometown of Flint is ravaged by the walking dead. With her Foster parents and her foster brother all dead her only concern is to get to the science camp her sister went away to have fun at at all cost and against all odds. Along the way she’s joined by a few people to help her, and they have to contend with more loss and heartache as the zombies are increasing in numbers…
This is a very good story especially for the YA community… there’s very little profanity and no adult themes besides a few not too explicitedly detailed deaths by zombies. Its a really quick read that should draw in a good many fans especially if you enjoy books dealing with Zombies of any kind.

The only thing that I can say I didn’t like about this is not knowing how this all came about… there was no real back story to how this zombie apocalypse, but I am thinking that the way this book ended there will definitely be a second one(and that’s all I’m saying about that).

Good story, and I look forward to reading more from Chelsea Bellingeri

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[kindle] zombie book_ebook cover-1LOVE & THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy #1

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